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Welcome to the Octopus Cybercrime Community

About the Octopus Cybercrime Community 

The Octopus Cybercrime Community is a forum linking up the many hundred public and private sector cybercrime experts from all over the world that participate in Octopus Conferences and other Council of Europe activities against cybercrime.

It is an opportunity to remain engaged and strengthen cooperation against cybercrime.

This is a private community, which means you have to register in order to have access to the content and to participate. Moreover, you need to be professionally involved in cooperation against cybercrime. Once you have registered, moderators will check your links to this community before approving your profile.

You will find here:

  • fora on topics such as cybercrime policies, legislation, training, cybercrime units, online child abuse, public/private cooperation, international cooperation and other topics
  • blogs to share your views with other experts
  • information about upcoming events that may be of interest to you or others
  • the possibility to create your own discussion group
  • an opportunity to introduce you and your expertise to members of the community.

Let's cooperate!


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